Phase 4.5

…“New furniture, who this?”

…Well, the furniture isn’t new, its actually been made over by yours truly. You read it correctly, I turned this old busted bedside table into this gorgeous modern piece of work. This project was super easy and doesn’t require much time or skill, you just need the right supplies. 



For this project I used:

  • The old nightstand 
  • Sand Paper
  • A container with water and a rag (for cleaning)
  • Copper spray paint
  • White glossy paint
  • White spray paint/primer
  • A smooth paint roller and paint brush
  • Marble contact paper

The steps are very easy to follow and can be done in no time!

First, You’ll need to clean your piece of furniture by simply wiping it down with the damp rag. Follow this up by sanding the entire table and then wipe it down with the damp cloth once more.

It should Look something like this:

Table after being sanded and cleaned!

The next steps can be done in any order, as long as each step is executed carefully.

Use your white spray paint/primer to apply a base coat of paint to the furniture. It doesn't have to be super opaque, just enough to wash out the original black color. Once that dries for 15 to 20 mins, apply your first coat of paint to the wooden drawer (inside and out). 

Set it to dry and then move on to your table frame.


At this point, the base coat of the table frame should be nice and dry, so you can apply the copper spray paint to the entire frame making sure to exclude the top as it will be covered later on. Of course you know, we have to let it dry. (if there's anything that this project will teach you, it's patience!)

Table frame with copper paint.

Since I used a base coat, there was no need for a second coat of the copper spray paint, but you can add one if you want to extra. Be sure to spray any hardware as needed.

Make sure that the paint has been set to dry for at least an hour without touching it. Once dry, measure out and add your contact paper to the surface.

At this point, I was hella excited! 

At this point, I was hella excited! 

Once the fun part is done, you have to prepare for the hardest part of the project: waiting for the drawer to dry...

For at least 24 Hours!


...See why I painted the drawer first ;-)


... Once the paint is dry, you can assemble your furniture and stare at it like a first time mother does her offspring. 

At this very moment... while writing this blog... I'M STARING AT MY BABY!

At this very moment... while writing this blog... I'M STARING AT MY BABY!