Phase 3...

...Commitment (issues)

23 October 2017

1:58 AM

I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TOMORROW (technically today)! To celebrate, I decided to give myself a mini facial so my makeup can be extra popping . Of course, after my little treatment, my skin felt amazing! So I thought it best to come up with a skin care routine and track my progress for a later blog. I took a photo to use for reference and something wasn’t sitting well with me. This photo looked too familiar. Then it hit me: I took a photo just like this a while back. I scrolled through my camera roll and just like I remembered, On January 20th 2016 at 8:29pm I took a picture of my skin in the state that it was in at that time. It looked terrible! But tonight’s photo showed much improvement. I was ecstatic! It then got me to thinking about what I did to contribute to those improvements. My plan was to jot down the information and share it with you all in blog just in case there was someone having the same skin issues as me. Then I realized that I had no regimen because I never committed to any of the countless skin care routines that I started. It also got me to thinking about the fact that although there were some changes in my skin’s appearance, it still could’ve been in better shape. I couldn’t help but to be honest with myself. As happy as I was with the progress of my skin’s health, there would’ve been much more improvement if I stayed on track with at least one of my attempted skin care regimes. 

Believe it or not, this skin care mumbo-jumbo taught me a great lesson about my life and the progress I’ve made. The truth is, I’ve never really committed to anything that would’ve made me feel a little more successful today. For the longest I’ve been beating my self up about how unaccomplished I think I am, and to be honest I would’ve never realized the problem had I not randomly taken those photos of my skin. I never would have reflected on the fact that my lack of commitment has been resulting in this slow progress that I’ve been bitching about for years. 

This lesson couldn’t have come at a better time. Things are finally starting to fall into place, and I’ve been working on strategies that I think will really help me to accomplish more goals and improve the quality of my life. I just have to stay on track. I’m going to actually commit to something, starting with my plans to save money when I start making it. 

Let me know in the comments below what your experience has been with commitment.