Phase 2... I think...

GIIIIIIRL!!! (or boy)

19 OCT 2017


... Not even 24hrs since submitting my application, and I received notice that I was approved for my MAC cosmetics pro card! (If you're not ware of what it is, just know its lit! MAC and other cosmetic retailers offer handsome discounts to working makeup artists with verification of their working history... its a bit tedious to verify according to some applicants). All I can do is scream in excitement! Phase 2 starts sooner than anticipated. Sort of. I guess we can call this the prologue to phase 2 since I still have to secure income to get closer to the goal. Once I land a job I’ll be able to start rebuilding my kit, which will help me with getting back into being the baddest me that I can be! 

  What should I call this part of the process? Let me know in the comments below. 

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